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The Italian Citizenship Expert (ICE) is an Italian leading service company which offers highly specialized dual citizenship services to people who dream of becoming Italian citizens.

With offices in the Miami and Northern Italy, ICE is the best choice for people who need professional assistance in the obtainment of Italian citizenship by descent, by marriage, through residence or through a judicial process.

Our team of specialized Italian lawyers admitted to the Italian bar, legal consultants who specialize in citizenship matters, Italian translators and U.S. and Italian genealogists, is the best solution for people looking to gain Italian citizenship.

Our multilingual team (fluent in Italian, English and Spanish) can assist people looking for information and assistance in the process of obtaining Italian citizenship located in any part of the world: not only in the United States and South America, but also in the U.K., Australia and many other countries.

Our expertise and knowledge of the citizenship process makes us one of the best companies in this field, with a very large number of new clients acquired every month. Nevertheless, each and every one of our clients receives personalized and tailored assistance provided by a small team of experts (generally a legal consultant, a genealogist, and one of our Italian lawyers) that works exclusively on his/her case and other few citizenship cases, under the continuous supervision of our managing partner.

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This exclusive solution includes assistance from start to finish in obtaining Italian citizenship through the local Italian consulate in the United States or any other Italian consulate in the world. Our experts will handle the preparation your application for citizenship by descent from start to finish with the deliverable being an individual portfolio, prepared by one of our Italian experts in dual citizenship. Learn more..


Italian Consulates knowingly are quite demanding picky and some of them not flexible at all. Furthermore, at some consulates the waiting time to obtain an appointment for the submission of the application can be more than 12 months. The Italian law currently allows foreign citizens to apply for Italian citizenship by descent directly in Italy through the citizenship office within any of the 8.000 Italian “comini”, as long as residence is established in Italy. Learn more..


If you are applying through a female ancestor your case may fall into the “1948 category”. In fact, under the Italian Law, a woman of Italian descent born before January 1, 1948 could only transmit Italian citizenship onto her children born after January 1, 1948. This law is strictly enforced by all Italian consulates. However, there was a major development regarding this law during the last few years: a 2009 decision of the Civil Court of Rome determined that the law was unjust and discriminatory and it is now possible start a lawsuit in Italy, challenge the Italian law and be recognized Italian citizen. Learn more..


We provide a preliminary free telephone consultation with an Italian expert in dual citizenship designed to answer all of your questions related to your specific case and our services

Don't be shy, contact us at info@theitaliancitizenshipexpert.com or (786) 505-9219 to set up a telephone or Skype call at your earliest convenience. It's free!


We provide a preliminary free telephone consultation with an Italian expert in Italian citizenship aimed at determining  if you qualify for Italian citizenship and if your case has good chances to be successful. Contact us using the contact form on this website to schedule a free preliminary eligibility assessment service.

During our telephone consultation you will be asked several questions regarding your italian ancestors and your immediate family. Make sure you have available at least the following information: date of birth of all your family members, including your Italian ancestors (if you do not know the exact date, the year or an approximate year is a good starting point). Place of Birth, Marriage and Death for all your family members including the Italian municipality of origin of your ancestor. If known, information regarding your ancestor’s naturalization.

We understand that the whole process can look very difficult to people who are unfamiliar with it. We also know that some people are more dedicated to citizenship process. That's why we offer a wide range of services


We are so confident of our tailored professional assistance, which always lead to the acquisition of Italian citizenship, that we offer to all of our clients a unique money back guarantee


Italian dual citizenship creates opportunities and facilitates cultural exchange and has a lot more connected benefits


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The Italian Citizenship Expert is a service company based in the U.S. and in Italy. ICE is not a law firm and provides intermediary services and guidance in partnership with professionals specialized in Dual Citizenship and Italian lawyers admitted to the Italian Bar.

Individuals should not employ ICE before seeking legal advice on their specific case and situation

Before to purchase any services from ICE you should make sure you qualify for Italian citizenship and that the acquisition of Italian citizenship will not affect your current citizenship.

Also, please also note that the approval/denial of the application, as well as all the decisions regarding a person’s application and the granting of Italian Citizenship are made exclusively by the Italian Consulate of the Jurisdiction in which the applicant resides. Since the process involves old documents that frequently include misspellings and discrepancies, the citizenship process as well as the final decision on the approval/denial of the application is very discretional. Predicting a decision is high difficult and ICE can only provide advice on the probable outcome of the application based on our experience, bearing in mind that every application is unique and that the consulate does not follow any specific rule or guideline on how to consider discrepancies and inconsistencies.

Please note that ICE will not disclose any personal information to third parties, if not to the agencies involved in the process, such as Italian consulates, official agencies appointed by the Italian consulates, US governmental agencies that are the repositories of the Vital Records involved in the citizenship process.

The exchange of information with said entities is generally done via email, telephone, or by upload on online platforms (i.e. VitalChek).

The information needed for the citizenship process, regarding the applicants and the family members (such as name, DOB, place of birth, residence address, etc.) is requested to clients via email or telephone or is shared using the DropBox Platform.

The above activities are needed to move forward with the citizenship process and acquisition of the necessary documentation.

Under any circumstances the above information is sold to third parties or used for shared with individuals or entities not involved in the citizenship process or in the acquisition of the related documents. We use personal information to allow us to process your service request.

Consequently, please note that the process of acquisition of the citizenship documents will require basic exchange information between ICE and you.