Dual Citizenship

Principles regulating dual citizenship

As from August 16, 1992, Italian citizenship is no longer lost in concomitance with the acquisition of foreign citizenship unless the Italian citizens formally renounces it.

    An Italian citizen can lose citizenship automatically or formally give it up. 
    • Automatic loss of citizenship: 
      • any Italian citizen who voluntarily enlists in the armed forces of a foreign government or accepts a government post with a foreign State, despite express prohibition by Italian law; 
      • any Italian citizen who has served during a state of war with a foreign country, or held a government post or acquired citizenship in that State; 
      • adoptees for which adoption is revoked by fault of their own, on the condition that he/she is in possession of or acquires citizenship in another country. 
    • Formal renunciation of Italian citizenship
      • Adoptees of legal age following revocation of adoption by fault of their own, as long as they are in possession of or acquire citizenship in another country; 
      • Any Italian citizens residing abroad who is in possession of, acquires or reacquires citizenship in another country;  
      • Anyone of legal age who acquired Italian citizenship as a minor following the acquisition or reacquisition of citizenship by one parent, as long as he/she is in possession of citizenship in another country. 

A declaration renouncing citizenship is made before an official of the official statistics office (“Anagrafe”) of the Italian city of residence or, if residing abroad, before an authorized diplomatic-consular official, and must be accompanied by the following documentation:

a) birth certificate issued by the city of birth and where the birth was registered;
b) certificate of Italian citizenship;
c) documentation of foreign citizenship;
d) documentation of residence abroad, where required.

Minors do NOT lose Italian citizenship if one or both parents lose it or acquire foreign citizenship.

Women married to foreign husbands after January 1st 1948 who automatically acquired foreign citizenship did NOT lose their Italian citizenship. 
Since January 1st 1948 woman have not had to lose their Italian citizenship even in cases of their Italian-born husbands becoming naturalized citizens of other countries. Nevertheless, in order to maintain the civil statistic records in order, it is necessary for those women (or their descendants) to manifest their desire to maintain their citizenship to the authorities (municipal or consular).