First contact

After you contact us we will get back to you wither via email or telephone to further discuss your case as well as our service fee and payment plan.

We accept payments through any major credit card, personal business or cashier’s check and wire transfer.

Additional family members

Additional family members residing within the same consular jurisdiction or applying trough the same municipality in Italy can be included in the application.

Please contact us to learn more about the possibility of adding a family member and costs

Any minor children is automatically included at no additional cost.

100% and  50% Money Back Guarantee

We are confident in the quality of our services and the work we do.

As a consequence, if the italian consautle or the italian municipality defniely rejectes your applciaiton after 2 attempts, our service fee will be refunded.

Depending on the complexity of your case you may qualify for our %100 or %50 money back guarantee.

In extreme cases, where the specific case is deemed to be very difficult our money back guarantee cannot be offered.

Please contact us to see if you qualify for our 100% or 50% Money Back Guarantee. If you qualify the Money Back Guarantee provision and its terms will be present in your service agreement.

Please note that our Money Back Guarantee will be annulled if you;

– do not pay our service fees in the terms listed in our service agreement;

– fail to authorize us to acquire all necessary documents;
– refuse legal advice (e.g. petition for a court order, etc.) if deemed necessary to have a successful outcome
– refuse to attend your second or third appointment, when required

Payment Plans

We offer several flexible payment plans. Contact us to learn more. 

Extra Expenses not included in our service fee

In order to offer a flat rate fee we separate our compensation from expenses related to the acquisition of all necessary documents.

Excluded expenses, generally, are the following:

  • Certification costs
  • Notary fees
  • Agency fees (such as VitalCheck)
  • Custom translations (from languages different form Italian or spanish)
  • Postage and shipping
  • Consular fees

In extreme cases, where a genealogical research in site is deemed to be needed, room, board and public transit/gas costs.

Also, attorney fees when major discrepancies are involved and a US attorneys need to operate under our supervision to petition the court to have certificate amended or, in some cases, released.

Expenses are billed separately and are payable after they occur . We will set up a private online workroom that will allow you to see our progress as we compile your application package and related expenses.

Clients will be informed beforehand in case any major cost is deemed to be necessary in order to complete the client’s “citizenship portfolio”.