Re-acquisition of italian Citizenship

Rules and principles regulating re-acquisition of citizenship

Italian citizens who have lost their citizenship can reacquire it:

    • Automatically by re-establishing residence on Italian territory for 1 year, unless they renounce it within that term of time. 
    • By specific declaration when the conditions below are met:
      • by serving in the Italian armed forces; 
      • by being or having been an employee of the Italian government, even abroad;
      • if a foreign resident, once legal residence in Italy is established, within one year of the declaration for reacquisition submitted to the Italian consular authorities; 
      • once legal residence in Italy has been established for at least 2 years, and it can be proven that the applicant has left the foreign government employ or military service undertaken despite express prohibition by Italian law.

Women married to foreigners prior to January 1st 1948, who – by virtue of marriage – automatically acquired their husband’s citizenship, can reacquire Italian citizenship, even though they reside abroad, by means of a declaration. 
The declaration for the reacquisition of citizenship must be submitted to an official of the statistics office (“Anagrafe”) of the city of residence in Italy or, in the case of residence abroad, the local diplomatic-consular authorities. The declaration must be accompanied by the following documentation:

a) birth certificate issued by the city of birth and where the birth was registered;
b) documentation proving previous Italian citizenship;
c) documentation proving foreign citizenship or Stateless status;
d) certificate of family status or equivalent.